I am aware many of you have been reflecting on the recent events occurring in Afghanistan over the past week.

Every single person made a difference in the lives of the Afghanistan people. As Australians and the Australian Army, you worked together, lived together and forged mateships that last a lifetime that civilians do not understand.

During the time you served in Afghanistan, you gave all the country hope, a better lifestyle to make the country a safer and better place to live for the people of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan will be etched into the history of the Royal Australian Engineers and the Squadron/Regiment. As a squadron or an individual, soldiers and officers of the squadron have served a worthy cause with distinction and honour.

Our fallen comrades did not give their lives in vain; what you all did was make a difference.

As the president of the Association, I’m extremely honoured and proud of what the Squadron has achieved, and I thank each of you for your service.


Michael Borg