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The 17th Construction Squadron Association is about bringing people together, but more than that, we’re about helping one another in times of need.

Services Overview


Member & Family Support


Community Engagement


Unit Functions

Members & Family

Support when you need it

We can support you with everything from house keeping to engaging with veteran affairs.

Family Support

Mental Health Services

Home Care (Deployed)

Veteran Affairs Advocacy

Support Services Contact Numbers

Community Engagement

Representing the unit in public

We take pride in representing the unit and association during key events nationally and abroad.



Other Military Events

Unit Engagement

Bringing people together

We work to keep current and former members of the unit connected, during and after service.

Dining In Nights


Association Functions

Ongoing Communications

Former and current members, family and friends

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C/- 17 Const Sqn Association
8 Foster Place Griffith NSW 2680